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In a career that has spanned twenty years, Nick Bradley has influenced and contributed many peoples lives inside and outside the World of Golf. As a golf instructor, Nicks record and achievements are consistent, plentiful and impressive at both Amateur and Tour Professional level. A best selling author with pupil wins on every major tour in the World, Nick Bradley has proved time and time again that he can convey unique technical and metaphysical skills needed to excel to your own uppermost level.


In 2003 Nick Bradley wrote The 7 Laws of the Golf Swing which is now published by Apple and Amazon Kindle. Since that time it has sold over 65,000 copies Worldwide, was featured in a 5 page special in Golf Digest 2006 and picked up the prestigious The Observers Sports Book award in 2004. Nicks second book ‘Feeling Images for Great Golf’ is under production and will be published by Harry Abrams New York with forward by Butch Harmon. Golf instruction is about expression of techniques, desires and goals. Nicks ability to communicate the complex is crystallised in his first audio product ‘The 7 Situations of Golf’. Each situation has Nick personally mentoring you through golf’s 7 stickiest situations using sound effects and powerful affirmative language. Nick assures you that you have plenty of ‘Eureka’ moments as you listen to this powerful tool.
Nick has never liked the term ‘Golf Instructor’ instead preferring the term ‘Golf Performance Consultant’. In his role as a consultant, Nick has travelled to Russia and worked with the Russian Golf Federation, given seminars to PGA Professionals across Europe and written training manuals for various golf academies and Corporations. He has also written for every major magazine in golf including Golf Digest, Golf International, Golf World and Golf Monthly. Nick is well versed in TV appearances on the Golf Channel, Radio work on BBC 5 Live and Corporately speaking and entertaining for companies such as Mercedes Benz, American Express and Lexus.
Lastly, Nick has always believed in two things: Innovation and Value. You find both of these as you continue to visit Nicks website, read his blogs, watch his bi weekly video shows and listen to his audios products. You will also find strong and sometimes controversial viewpoints on the professional and amateur game and he will intelligently agree and disagree about swing theory and coaching. You will enjoy listening and being a part of Nick Bradley Golf website, enjoy the products, the viewpoints and the experience.


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