Eddie Merrins Eddie Merrins

“The Little Pro”
“Golf’s Finest Gentleman”


Eddie Merrins has been playing golf since he was an 11-year old in Meridian, Mississippi. He won the Mississippi state amateur title at 17 and was awarded an athletic scholarship to Louisiana State University after winning the 1950 Jaycee National Junior tournament. He also won the prestigious Western Amateur Championship in 1955 before turning professional in 1957.


While Eddie Merrins has won several regional PGA and Open titles, he has devoted the large part of his professional career to teaching. In 1975, Eddie also took over the golf program at UCLA, turning it into one of the most successful collegiate programs in the country during his tenure.


In 1973 Eddie authored the popular instructional book, “Swing the Handle, Not the Clubhead.” This book was the basis for his most current endeavour – the “Swing the Handle” Video Series.


The Eddie Merrins Swing The Handle DVD Collection
Eddie Merrins has one of the best golf instructional DVD collection on the planet. It’s called Swing The Handle.

Some of Eddies many accomplishments include:


1977 Southern California PGA “Golf Professional of the Year”
1987 Southern California PGA “Teacher of the Year”
1989 Southern California PGA “Hall of Fame” Inductee
1992 NCAA Coaches “Hall of Fame” Inductee
1996 UCLA Athletic “Hall of Fame” Inductee
2000 Mississippi Sports “Hall of Fame” Inductee
2002 Southern California Golf “Hall of Fame” Inductee
2002 California Golf Writers “Hall of Fame” Inductee
2002 College Golf Coaches Association “Honor Award” Recipient
2005 Louisiana State University Athletic “Hall of Fame” Inductee
2006 Spirit of Golf Foundation Inaugural “Eddie Merrins Award” Recipient
2006 USMC Scholarship Foundation “John R. Wooden Sportsmanship Award” Recipient
2007 Southern California PGA “Lifetime Achievement Award” Recipient
2008 World Golf Teachers “Hall of Fame” Inductee presented by GOLF Magazine
2008 Southern California Golf Association “Hall of Fame” Inductee
2009 PGA of America “Hall of Fame” Inductee


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